Manchester’s Top Night spot is Hidden

In recent years many night clubs in Manchester have closed down, with young professionals favouring funky late night bars and restaurants. Many night clubs fell behind with the times, big, noisy and tasteless, with terrible music loud enough to bust your ear drums, the era of the glow stick ravers is well and truly over. Manchester’s young professionals and barfly’s expect more than a sticky dance floor and a bottle of WKD on their nights out. In recent years Manchester has seen a massive surge in the amount of chic bars and hipster hangouts opening up, that serves real ale and expertly crafted cocktails in carefully thought-out surroundings and playing on point music.

Recently there has been a rumour of a new nightclub in Manchester, one that has allowed itself to become known through word of mouth. It’s all been very hush hush and it seems the approach has worked well; they sold out on their opening weekend with barely a mention on social media. Its name is very apt and hints towards exclusivity, Hidden is its name and hidden it has remained until now. Hidden can be found in the disused DownTex mill near to Strangeways, this cool club is a six hundred and fifty capacity venue with a cool courtyard, blue room, sexy basement area, hangar space and alleyways linking the whole lot together. The entrepreneurs behind the club have avoided altering space and have worked around the historical mill.

Manchester’s most sensational ladies the Exclusive from Exclusive Company escorts headed down recently to find out what all the fuss is about and were more than impressed. Dressed to impress in their sexiest party wear hugging their perfect curves they sashayed on into hidden and experienced all they had to offer. The interior is decorated with some ore inspiring mural art work in their sensational courtyard space by Manchester artist Peter Sheridan. The entrepreneurs behind the night club have big plans for the space to be a multi-use venue. The have come together with Cheetham’s school of music and the Royal Northern College of Music and are offering exhibition space at a low cost. They also have plans to make the mill into a yoga joint where a couple of hundred legging clad ladies and gents can zone out and bend themselves into all sorts of positions. Something the Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Escorts are very excited about. Hidden is looking to be a fabulous multifunctional space that will set the standards for Manchester’s new breed of night clubs.

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